Max Fox Electrical have skilled electrical technicians available to install a range of appliances and perform regular upgrades and maintenance. Our business can provide electrical installations for commercial, industrial and agricultural clients. We also work with government departments and are happy to cater to clients in rural areas as well.

Some of our Tamworth electrical installations include:

  • Pumping station installations, including custom-built pump control systems
  • Generator stand-by systems, including auto-start and run-on mains failure
  • Electrical inspections of plant and equipment
  • Water pumping and irrigation control equipment
  • Variable speed drive and soft starter installations
  • Complete installation of electrical, management systems and associated alarm systems for chicken farms
  • Supply, installation and maintenance of solar hot water systems
  • Design, installation and maintenance of solar grid connect and stand-alone systems

We are also supported by some fantastic administration and sales staff.

Tamworth's Longest Serving Solar Power Company

Regular maintenance can preserve the life of your electrical system and ensure it continues to meet your energy needs. Max Fox Electrical in Tamworth provide scheduled regular maintenance for electrical plant equipment and electrical items. Many local businesses have contracted us for scheduled maintenance on their electrical systems.

Our workshop is equipped to carry out any repairs for power tools, including wiring repairs. We can also provide testing and tagging to comply with Workplace Health and Safety regulations.

If you rely on automated systems for your business, Max Fox Electrical are your local specialists. Based in Tamworth, we cater to clients throughout the region, assisting with software programming and upgrades.

Our plant automation services cover the following fields:

  • Installation of PLC control systems
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) packages and software programming
  • Safety monitoring systems
  • Process indication and signal conditioners
  • Industry communications for all applications in new installations or system upgrades

Max Fox Electrical is happy to discuss how we can help your business upgrade their existing systems. Please contact our office to see how we can meet your Tamworth plant automation and electrical upgrade needs.

When selecting a hot water system, whether solar or electric, there are a number of factors that need to be allowed for:

  • How many baths/showers/hot water taps are there?
  • Does the dishwasher or washing machine use hot water?
  • How many people live in the house?
  • What are their ages and sex? (as a general rule, teenagers shower longer than others and females shower longer than males)
  • Do you need to allow for regular or frequent visitors?
  • How cold is the area you live in?

Max Fox Electrical can help you select a hot water system capable of handling your household or commercial hot water needs. The table below can give you a rough indication of the amount of water to allow for.

SE: Single Element

TE: Twin Element

As a general guide, the average showerhead uses between 12 and 15 litres of hot water per minute and an average person showers between 10 and 15 minutes, longer during winter.

Our helpful sales team can assist you in selecting a suitable electric hot water system for your home.

At Max Fox Electrical, we employ skilled electrical technicians who have many years of experience with motor rewinding. Our workshop has the resources to carry out rewinding for different motors from a range of different industries, including generators, alternators, DC motors and AC motors.

The images featured are taken of a 175 hp Hebco vertical hollow shaft motor that had burnt out and required rewinding. These photos are taken before, during and after the motor rewinding process.

The photos show:

  • The burn-out stator
  • Lead end of the motor
  • Motor during the rewind process
  • Coils wound, leads being connected and bound
  • Motor rewound, prior to varnishing and baking
  • Motor after being baked in our fan-forced oven
  • Motor being reassembled
  • Stator being lowered back over rotor
  • Reassembly
  • Casing being bolted back together
  • Motor reassembled bar top cap, prior to repainting
  • Fully completed motor

If you require urgent motor rewinding, please contact the team at Max Fox Electrical in Tamworth. We can get your motor operating again quickly and efficiently.


Bonfiglioli - Has been a market innovator since 1956, beginning in Italy. Here at Max Fox Electrical we concentrate on a few models that are most commonly dealt with in our area. These include the W Series Worm Gearboxes, C Series Helical Gearboxes, 300 Series Planetary Gearboxes and AS Series Inline Helical Gearboxes. We also have access to the full range of products and services of the Bonfiglioli Group.

Rossi Gearmotors - Produced in Australia for more than 20 years, Rossi Gearmotors and Gear Reducers are available locally in Tamworth thanks to the team at Max Fox Electrical.


CIGWELD - Max Fox Electrical are stockists of CIGWELD brand welders. CIGWELD are a reputable brand who manufacture a vast range of Mig, Tig, and Stick welders, Plasma cutters as well as a complete range of accessories and spare parts.


WEG - Max Fox Electrical are Tamworth suppliers of WEG brand electric motors for general purpose and industrial applications.

Drives & Soft Starters

When you need variable speed drives, Max Fox Electrical can supply and install them for you. We stock both frequency inverter (or VFD) and Static Starting Switches from WEG. Our qualified Tamworth electrical technicians can help to get you select the best technology to suit your needs.